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Journey through the eras and learn the fascinating mythology of the harp! In this concert, Annabelle will present an assortment of harps and harp relatives to your students and will feature a diverse repertoire of musical stylings ranging from traditional to current.

In this animated concert, Annabelle Renzo passionately presents a varied assortment of harps and harp relatives. Making use of an ancient lyre, a grand classical harp, a celtic harp, and an electric harp, Annabelle takes you on a journey through the fascinating mythology surrounding the instrument throughout various cultural eras, its evolution culminating in its introduction into the symphony orchestra, and its mystifying presence in videogame soundtracks today.

Target Audience : 8 to 12 years old
Length : 55 minutes
Maximum Audience : 100 people 
languages: French and English

Concert dates

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Annabelle Renzo, harps 
Concept and text 
 Annabelle Renzo and Marilyn Perreault
Stage direction 
Marilyn Perreault

Costumes and accessories 
Catherine Goerner-Potvin

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