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Stradivarius' Secret

This theatrical concert features lively solos, duos and string trios while revealing the magical process of string-instrument making and takes place in an era when masks, disguises and deceit happily co-existed with the most exquisite music.

Italian instrument maker Antonio Stradivari, also known as Stradivarius, is a genius at constructing extraordinary violins and cellos. But what is his secret? This is excatly what his fiercest rival, Giro Amati, wants to find out. Using the Carnival of Cremona as a cover, Amati sends spies to Stradivarius' renowned workshop to test the prodigy's latest models. However, Stradivarius' secret might simply be hidden in the way he protects his creations from the voracious little wood fleas infesting his workshop!

Target Audience : 3 to 5 years old / 6 to 12 years old
Concert Length: 35 minutes / 55 minutes
Maximum Audience : 375 people
Language : English or French

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Stradivarius' Secret

Grégor Monlum, violin - Stradivarius
Camille Paquette-Roy, Cello - Daugther of Stradivarius
Nicolas Fortin, violin - Scappino
Mario Boivin
Danaelle Lareau and Maryse Messier


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