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A Christmas Carol
Based on the novel by Charles Dickens 

A tour around the world through song and music to celebrate Christmas traditions from many different countries;

See this time-honoured classic as you’ve never seen it before. Based on the novel by Charles Dickens, this production features well know Christmas carols, performed using more than ten different instruments including the tubular bells, the glockenspiel, the lute, and the hurdy gurdy! On Christmas Eve, grumpy Mr. Scrooge is visited by the three spirits of Christmas. Showing him visions of the past, present, and future, the spirits try to make him understand the true meaning of Christmas. Children will be asked to participate and convince old Scrooge to change his miserly ways.  


Target Audience : 3 to 5 years old / 6 to 12 years old
Concert Length: 40 minutes / 55 minutes
Maximum Attendance : 350 people
Languages : English or French

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A Christmas Carol


Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, voice, recorder, rauschpfeife, blowpipe, tubular bells, glockenspiel, hurdy gurdy
Andrew Wells-Oberegger, voice, lute, irish bouzouki, bagpipes, glockenspiel, jew’s harp, percussion
Chloé Domingez ou Catherine Le Saunier, voice, baroque cello, tubular bells, glockenspiel, percussion
Isabeau Proulx Lemire, actors

Mario Boivin 

Maryse Messier et Joannie D'Amours 

Émilie Dougé and Alexandra Dugal

Alexis Diamond

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